Training Tuesday! Wavelink’s Certified Partner Training Program

We are beginning a new reoccurring submission called Training Tuesdays, where we update everyone with information about Wavelink’s Certified Partner Training Program.

Wavelink’s Certified Partner Training Program is designed to meet the training needs of our channel partners.  The program blends traditional academic classroom lectures with applied learning in a lab environment.  The goal of Wavelink’s Certified Partner Training Program is to prepare the student to become an expert in utilizing one or more of Wavelink’s products.

Upcoming courses:

Course Date(s) Course(s) Location
05/11/2010 to 05/13/2010 Avalanche SE 5.0/Emulation/Speakeasy Los Angeles, CA
05/11/2010 to 05/13/2010 Avalanche SE/Emulation/Speakeasy Mexico City, Mexico
05/18/2010 to 05/20/2010 Avalanche SE 5.0/Emulation/Speakeasy Brussels, Belgium
05/18/2010 to 05/19/2010 Emulation/WIB/Speakeasy Chicago, IL
06/01/2010 to 06/03/2010 Avalanche SE 5.0/Remote Control/Secure +/Communicator Denver, CO
06/08/2010 to 06/10/2010 Avalanche MC 5.0/Remote Control/Secure +/Communicator Atlanta, GA

Click here to register for an upcoming class!

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