MDM Market Report Highlights Wavelink: Guest Blog From Galvin Consulting

The post below comes from Carolyn Galvin of Galvin Consulting, and is her exclusive contribution regarding Wavelink and the recent “Key Consideration in Evaluating & Selecting a MDM Solution” study. Hope you enjoy it!

Hello everyone! My name is Carolyn Galvin and I founded the market research firm Galvin Consulting. We are a global network of analysts and researchers specializing in market research, competitive research, and customer satisfaction research. The reason I’m writing this post for you today is because we recently released our latest mobility study on the Mobile Device Management market entitled “Key Considerations in Evaluating & Selecting a MDM Solution.” Our study includes key findings from in-depth interviews with chairmen, SVPs and EVPs at top-tier MDM vendors, including Wavelink. Together, Wavelink and I thought it would be helpful to give you a flavor for what’s in the study, so let’s dive in.

The report highlights how BYOD and the Consumerization of IT have transformed the mobility market and impacted organizations’ reliance on mobile device management solutions, particularly in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, and among large organizations with geographically dispersed employee populations. 

The study provides extensive coverage of key topics in the MDM market today, including the development, deployment and management of mobile apps, as well as partnerships within the MDM industry, including alliances and ongoing agreements with OEMs, carriers, system integrators and global consulting firms.  Wavelink, for example, is highlighted as a vendor that targets best-of-breed partners, including value added resellers, device manufacturers, system integrators and distributors. 

The report also discusses mobile security issues and MDM architectures, including container versus platform approaches to mobile device management.  Delivery models are discussed, including on-premise, SaaS-based models, managed service delivery and appliance offerings.

The study describes Wavelink’s on-premise, cloud-based, and managed service delivery models, highlighting customer choice in deciding the best model for MDM consumption.  Additionally, the report includes an analysis of MDM pricing models, along with ROI/TCO examples in support of MDM solutions.

Critically, the study concludes with a comprehensive list of best practices for evaluating and choosing an MDM solution, as industry executives recommend their best strategies to customers for achieving the right “fit” between MDM technology and the needs of their organizations.  Emerging trends in the MDM market, along with an industry SWOT analysis, are also included in the concluding section of the study.

Top-tier MDM players are quoted and profiled based on extensive interviews.  For example, Galvin Consulting interviewed Wavelink’s Jay Cichosz, Kelly Ungs, and Peter Cannon to present readers with comprehensive and current information about Avalanche and the 8,000 companies using Avalanche today.  Wavelink’s profile highlights the 15 years the company has offered MDM capabilities and the 10 million mobile devices Avalanche currently supports. 

Wavelink’s recent enhancements to Avalanche Telicost are also highlighted, including Telicost’s ability to provide administrators and end-users with real-time alerting when spending limits are about to be reached or exceeded.

I hope you enjoyed this summary of what you can find in the report. If you would like to ask about anything specific in the report, feel free to ask in the Comments section, by finding me on Twitter at @cmgalvin, or via email at As mentioned above, you can read more highlights from the study, or download a free copy of the Executive Summary at     

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