University of Mobile Ecosystem: How MDM is changing the education system

Emails, e-Books, e-Readers, E-EVERYTHING! It’s everywhere!  From business to personal, the “E” landscape is growing at a substantial rate. Throughout the past few years we have seen it earn itself a predominant place in the education market. In fact, one might go as far as to say education was one of the first places the e-landscape first saw a dramatic surge, and now we are seeing higher education invite tablets and other mobile devices into the classroom.

But what if you lose one of these devices?  Stanford University saw a need to protect these devices and has come up with a helpful tool for their students, faculty and administration by rolling out an MDM software solution for free to all that makeup their university population:

I know firsthand as a student that I would like to go green and go digital.  But with a busy work schedule and a busy school schedule, I run out of time to manage my mobile devices.  My ecosystem currently consists of an iMac at home, and then iPads and iPhones both in and out of the classroom (my wife is a high school teacher and uses the iPad in the classroom from an educators standpoint). With potentially sensitive data going from our personal lives to our business lives, and vice versa, there is a need to protect our individual ecosystems.

What does your own ecosystem look like?

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