Keeping your MDM Solutions Current without Breaking the Budget (and Still Looking like a Rock Star)

At this point, it’s a universal truth that technology changes the moment you hit purchase, and in today’s ever changing technological world it’s almost a guarantee that your iPhone 3 will just happen to die a month before the iPhone 4s’ unveiling. Not only is this slightly frustrating, it renders you powerless because, really, can you go an entire month without your beloved smartphone? Could you really go back to your old Blackjack sans apps, sans video capability and don’t even get me started on trying to type! We are no longer in the age where progress is relatively “slow”. We are no longer talking about going from a floppy disc to a zip drive. With the rate of technological advancement we are getting ever closer to the reality of a hoverboard (and not just a replica).

Is MDM as exciting as cruising to work on a hoverboard, well that’s debatable. But, the enterprise is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, organizations need to keep up with the ever growing list of devices, security concerns, deployment needs and even the speed at which apps run (let’s face it we are an inpatient society). Organizations need to stay on their toes, but overhauling and replacing costly investments into MDM software isn’t exactly always feasible. So what is this best way to approach managing your enterprise once you’ve made the initial investment into MDM?

Like building a house, a solid foundation will allow you to build upon your investment and make improvements as you go. For example maybe you aren’t worrying about BYOD yet but you can see your colleagues eyes light up when the newest shiny tablet is unveiled. Smart DevicesYou probably know the path that will take – “but I’d be so much more productive with the tablet future-tastic I promise!” – You’ll end up with an influx of tablets that need to be managed and secured.

The entire Wavelink suite of products was designed to be built upon. With Avalanche you can add additional security, control devices remotely, shut down a rogue device and pinpoint the exact geographical location of any device in your enterprise. With Wavelink Terminal Emulation you can voice enable warehouse operations, deploy applications, and ensure consistent web rendering across all devices no matter the device or their OS. The beauty of layering products means you can do it as your budget allows and by using a foundation product you’ll be able to ensure you have the budget to continue growing as your enterprise needs change.

It’s all part of Wavelink’s wireless ecosystem and just one more way we are committed to ensuring your mission-critical operations don’t get stuck in the floppy disc era.