An Ocean Away – Does Mobility Look Different Down Under?

The following comes from Simon Storey, our Australian Sales Manager:

Hello everyone! My name is Simon Storey and I’m the Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years, and over that time I’ve seen the industry from a variety of geographical locations, including EMEA, North America, and now, ANZ.

So, how does the mobile ecosystem look from down under? Well, the truth is, mobility is mobility, whatever corner of the globe you’re looking at it from. My customers and partners in Australia and New Zealand look at mobile device management needs the same way our friends back in the states do, and I think it’s safe to say that customers are much more informed about the space than they ever have been. As such, they are looking for solutions that will transform roles and have tremendous operational impact.

For instance here are just 3 examples of roles that would value taking the technical data collected and convert this into management information

  • COO’s – provide utilization and operational availability of the investment in mission critical devices
  • CFO’s – provide pro-active spend mapping for consumable and device refreshes including tangible ROI analyses for mobility projects
  • CTO’s – provide pro-active estate management with trending of issues and replacement requirements including utilizing the information to run technical trials and let the system tell them which device operates best in their environment

It does seem that there is greater demand for Managed Service MDM than I experienced with European customers. Our Partners place a big emphasis on being a complete solution provider for their customers, and the Managed Services model fits perfectly into that demand.

Paul Ryan is the managing Director at Sato NZ, one of our platinum partners in the ANZ market. While I was prepping for this blog entry, I asked him if there was anything he would want to point out to our audience, which is largely (for now) American readers. “I don’t know that there is any one thing that might be different about mobility down here”, he explains. “But, there is definitely an expectation that whatever solution they decide on needs to account for both very old (customers down here like to keep old devices in operation until they can no longer be fixed…. We have a customer with 15 year old mobile terminals using Wavelink’s telnet client alongside the latest generation devices) and new devices; operate across multiple platforms and work all day, every day! Because we are so far away from the rest of the world, the support, reliability and extensibility of the MDM solution is top of mind for our customers”

I think that that’s a huge point to make. Customers want a product that’s listened to the problems within the market, and offered a solution to fix them. In enterprise mobility, that’s key. So whether you’re one of our customers or partners in Australia, or across the globe somewhere else, would you agree? Post your comments below, or feel free to email me at


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