Who Owns Mobile?

The National Retail Federation (NRF) recently penned the question “Who owns mobile in your company? Does it reside with your e-commerce team? Does it fall within marketing? Perhaps IT? Or is it a team made up of representatives from across the organization?” As Vicki Cantrell states it is a “mobile conundrum” and its impacting your brand.

At LANDesk and Wavelink, we spend a lot of time discussing this mobile conundrum and where the responsibility for it falls. The reality is today it isn’t just a one department answer. Today’s instant gratification, super cool technology is evolving quicker than a business knows what to do with it. They just know they have to keep up, and it’s no clearer than where the average consumer spends the majority of their time – the retail space. Retail defines cool, and it’s where slick marketing and graphics can create such buzz that every high school kid wants to dress like an Abercrombie model. On the flip side, it’s also where negative buzz and press can create a backlash so that those same kids then decide they don’t want to wear Abercrombie because the Situation said so. You have to stay on-trend, or run the risk of hurting your brand.

In retail you have to stay ahead of the game and with the holiday season descending quicker than you can say North Pole, you’d better hope that all those iPhone’s and iPad’s outfitted with mobile payment systems aren’t becoming a mobile conundrum. So what to do? After all you can’t just roll out new devices without some sort of checks and balances in place to protect the various assets making up your mobile ecosystem. A mobile device management strategy is a start as well as engaging the wide variety of departments and resources that make up your business. Departments define and use mobile in very different ways, so why wouldn’t you pool that blend of talent?

Once you’ve identified the need, where do you turn for answers? A great source of information is NRF’s Integrated Mobile Initiative (IMI). IMI was recently formed to take a holistic approach to the mobile movement by providing retailers with the tools they need for mobile retailing. From legislation, to trends, to available solutions, it’s a great place to begin answering the question. What do you think? How do you or your customers deal with “mobile”?

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