All I Want for Christmas is… Voice?


Okay, it may be a stretch to say that this holiday season you want voice technology wrapped in a red bow but it isn’t a stretch to say from your professional point of view, “let’s make my life easier”. We can’t wrap it up in a pretty little bow with a nice shiny car but we can give you five good reasons why voice technology can improve efficiency in your operation.

  1. Go Multi-Modal: The ability to accept voice in addition to barcode scanning, RFID and keyboard entry expands the flexibility of application design by providing a cross-check to error-proof data. It also gives you the freedom to select the type of data input that will improve workflow that maximizes productivity. For example, the input of longer identifiers, such as serial numbers, is accomplished more efficiently with barcode scanning. When you can quickly use a variety of methods to check on the accuracy of an order it improves customer service and retention levels while eliminating costly mistakes.
  2. Increase productivity: With a well known 15 – 20% (or more) gain in productivity, hands-free operation allows for simultaneous action that increases productivity, such as the handling of product while receiving and/or providing information to and from the application in voice form. The voice entry is confirmed by the system, eliminating the need to look at the screen to verify data, further reducing cycle times and improving worker efficiency.
  3. Safety: Along with productivity goes safety. With voice, workers are able to work in a hands and eyes-free environment. Those who are operating cherry-pickers, etc, don’t need to look down to check off an item or see where they need to go. With voice they just listen to where they need to go, and go.
  4. Virtually eliminate errors: Data-entry errors happen. Life would be simpler if every item got picked and entered correctly, but the reality is that as human-beings we make mistakes. Even a 1 – 5% error rate affects not only your bottom-line but also a workers efficiency level. It just doesn’t matter how fast your workers are going if mistakes are made. When you can speak into a device the item you need to pick and have the device confirm the item and quantity and its location, it gives you even greater accuracy and helps workers complete the task faster. Voice technology practically eliminates errors with a 99.9% accuracy rate.
  5. Utilize Existing Devices: Keep using existing devices without the hassle of spending money and retraining. With a whopping 40% of an IT’s budget (IDC: Worldwide Mobile Device Management Enterprise 2011 – 2015 Forecast) going towards the purchase of hardware, utilizing existing devices not only means you don’t need to train existing, new or even seasonal workers, it also means you are saving your bottom line.

While we can’t promise something shiny this year we can promise that adding voice to your enterprise ensures your place on Santa’s “nice list.


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