Addressing the Increasing Adoption of Consumer Devices in the Warehouse

Smart Devices

The following comes from Mike Temple, Product Manager for Wavelink.

We recently introduced our latest mobile device and wireless infrastructure management solution, designed to solve the challenges associated with managing today’s wireless ecosystem. While this newest solution, Avalanche 5.4, performs the vital functions that we’ll mention later in this blog post, we believe it’s important to call out some trends and industry movement we’ve noticed and our customers have reiterated in discussions with them about their current needs and pain points. In fact, these customer discussions and industry movements were inspiration behind the new features available with Avalanche 5.4.

  • Integration of iPads and other consumer devices on factory or retail floors: You might have noticed while you were doing your holiday shopping a couple months back that there was a noticeably greater amount of iPads ringing you up, in place of the traditional POS systems or cash registers. Organizations are looking to reap the productivity and employee satisfaction benefits associated with mobility. While many field tasks still require special ruggedized devices, some companies are choosing tablets that their employees might be more familiar with. For this reason and because of the conversations we’ve had with customers beginning iPad or Android-based device deployments in 2013, we knew it was important to optimize the support for iOS6 and Android platforms for the new version of Avalanche.Smart Devices
  • Growing Popularity of Enterprise Apps: In an earlier blog post we wrote on 2013 MDM resolutions, we discussed how 2013 would be the year that IT organizations focus on plans or strategies for one of the newest IT trends: bring-your-own-application (or BYOA). Employees may be using their new company-owned devices to download Words With Friends, or perhaps they’re looking for an external app to transfer company files or help get their job done quicker. Either way, your organization needs to decide what’s sanctioned and what’s not, and our customers have mentioned how useful tools that can help with this are. To respond to this need, we added a new forced application push option, which deploys applications and application updates to the user’s device. This tool will help with timely delivery of crucial documents and programs such as instruction manuals, business-critical updates and more.

With the addition of these tools along with our existing Avalanche capabilities, such as software and configuration management, mobile device security, remote help desk and more, our goal with Avalanche 5.4 is to help our customers adapt to the expanding adoption of consumer devices for rugged use.

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