Good news from NRF today

NRF is reporting that retail spending was up in November and December. Do you find that surprising, or did you see it coming? Seems like there were a lot more shoppers out this year, so hopefully it continues.

TE 7.2 Screen Reformatter; Give us your feedback

We’ve posted a two-part video on how quick and easy it is to enhance old emulation screens with the TE 7.2 Screen Reformatter on our YouTube channel (You can even watch in HD!). We want to know what you think of it and also get your thoughts on Wavelink TE 7.2 in general.

So, what are your favorite features and have we captured just how easy it is to reformat screens?

LXE Factory enables Wavelink TE article regarding Wavelink Terminal Emulaiton

Washing a Datalogic Scanner

A link to a video of someone cleaning the dust off of a DL scanner with a garden hose.  If you have similar videos of mobile device tests please send them along.


Wavelink eLearning Now Available

We all know that conventional training often becomes repetitive, time-consuming and expensive as it involves travel and valuable time away from the office. Yes, the miles are a nice perk but by eliminating the costs associated with travel, you can save between 50 to 70 percent.

So, in an effort to continue providing cost-savings to our end-users and partners, Wavelink is pleased to debut eLearning, a collection of online training classes that delivers materials and product knowledge in a cost effective way. Something we know your boss will appreciate.

Just hop online at your convenience, we don’t even mind if you wear your jammies!  The prerecorded online classes cover the full range of Wavelink products from either a technical or sales perspective. For a list of classes, check out our website. Don’t see a class you’d be interested in? Let us know what training you would be interested in.

New Free Enterprise Mobility Report From Aberdeen

“More Mobility, Same Budget”

A 3rd Party Post about Wavelink Communicator

Motorola Enters the “Headless” Voice device Arena

Some information on the new Motorola WT4090 VOW device…

How serious are enterprises about wireless device security?

Wireless Analytics offers up some pretty intriguing statistics on wireless device security. If the study they reference is correct, the percentage of enterprises taking the right steps to secure their wireless devices versus those who state it as a priority, and don’t take action, is pretty drastic.

HP Veteran Exec Jumps Ship For AIDC Vendor Intermec

Interesting times…;jsessionid=MTQZ2DIFE0FZJQE1GHRSKHWATMY32JVN